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Pulp Oddyssey (Back Issues)


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Based on availability...

Issue 1 is $200.
Comes in a protective cover.
Comes with the 8 other issues.

Issues 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 are $10.

Issues 4, 8, 9 are $1 or FREE with purchase of card game or shirt!

There are tons of music, comic and other features in each issue. Here are the top headlines:

Issue 1: "Exploring the Wax Mansion" (Only 1 in stock. Hopefully you kept your free copy!)
Issue 2: ""What Happened Next: The Wax Mansion"
Issue 3: "Finally Inside the Wax Mansion"
Issue 4: "Wax Mansion: The Big Reveal"
Issue 5: "Robots Own 99% of the Wealth"
Issue 6: "Cloning Agents Lurk in Shadows"
Issue 7: "Robots Aren't the Enemy, Poor Programming Is"
Issue 8: "Are Lazy People Productive in an Alternate Galaxy?"
Issue 9: "Psychic Virtual Safety Tips"